About dark art


Beneath the surface there is a lot of sadness and regret that we can’t express for fear of seeming weird or a looser. One thing art can do is reassure us of the normality of pain, it can be sad with and for us.
Some of the world’s great works of art have been loved for their capacity to make the pain that’s inside all of us more pubblicly visible and available. Like putting on a sad piece of music, somber woks of art don’t have to depress us. Rather they can give us the welcome feeling that pain is part of the human condition.
Art fights the false optimism of commercial society, it’s there to remind us with dignity that every good life has extraordinary amounts of confusion, suffering, loneliness and distress within it and therefore we should never aggravate sadness by feeling freakish simply for experiencing it quite a lot.


From the video “What is Art for

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