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[enchantment] Högabo Photography

Högabo Photography, dark, art, photography, ethereal, conceptual photography, underwater


Image © Högabo Photography

[enchantment] Pini Hamou

Pini Hamou, photography, dark, obscure, conceptual photography, color photography


Image: Pini Hamou

[enchantment] Leonardo Basana

Leonardo Basana, photography, portraits, dark, obscure, conceptual photography


Image © Leonardo Basana

[enchantment] Ibai Acevedo

Ibai Acevedo, photography, dark, obscure, underwater, surreal


Image © Ibai Acevedo

[enchantment] Django Nokes

Django Nokes, illustration, digital illustration, dark, obscure, digital collage


Image © Django Nokes

Angelo Roccagli first solo exhibition


I’m happy to announce the first solo art exhibition by my friend and bandmate Angelo Roccagli.

You probably already saw and appreciated his art on a couple of artworks for all my faith lost … (Decade and Still white air) , on some posts I published (check them here), and from February the 17th, you’ll have the possibility to see his works at “La Roggia” art gallery in Pordenone, Italy.

Check the image below for all the details and if you’re around, please don’t miss this occasion, we’ll all be there and it will be nice to see you too!

Angelo Roccagli, La Roggia, Pordenone, solo exhibit

Artist page Angelo Roccagli • Art & Design
Event Page Mostra personale Angelo Roccagli

[enchantment] Irene Cruz

Irene Cruz, photography, dark, obscure, conceptual photography, underwater, color photography


Image © Irene Cruz

[enchantment] Beatrice Armano

Beatrice Armano, photography, dark, art, obscure, conceptual photography

Cargo Collective

Image © Beatrice Armano

[enchantment] Bruno Dayan

Bruno Dayan, photography, dark, obscure, surreal, color photography


Image © Bruno Dayan

[enchantment] Mariell Amélie

Mariell Amélie, photography, dark, obscure, conceptual


Image © Mariell Amélie