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[enchantment] Nemea And Her Brother by João Ruas







Source: Thinkspace Gallery    Artist’s official site:

Image: © João Ruas

“Backwards” by The I

Interesting new solo project by Marco Benevento (The Foreshadowing) named “The I”. “Backwards”, the first song released, sounds very promising.
Unfortunately, we should not expect an album soon, as stated on the one man band’s page, “The I” It’s an unconventional project with no specific album releases and no permanent lineup.

Listen to “Backwards” from the official Soundcloud page.

Official Page

Rimel Neffati – Self-taught, self-portraiter

Rimel Neffati

Welcome to Reflectedfaith Blog! I decided to start this blog with one artist that I really love, I hope you will like it too.

Rimel Neffati is a self-taught photographer from France.
She started taking pictures in 2008 learning step by step to create images beyond photography and using herself as model.

As you can read on her website she just wanted to create images that could be done with painting or drawing and looking at her portfolio  you’ll agree with me if I say she’s doing a great work.
I could not find any online interview but I suspect one of the artists that inspired Rimel’s works is Kristamas Klousch; there are lots of similar details on the pictures of these two self-portraiters such as blurred settings,  crowns, heavy painted lips, skulls and masks.

That’s why I love them both!

Check some examples of Rimel’s work here and don’t forget to visit her official site and Facebook page.

Official site – Facebook


Rimel Neffati



Rimel Neffati




Rimel Neffati




Rimel Neffati




Rimel Neffati




All images: © Rimel Neffati