Dark fairy tales portraits by Jarosław Datta

I already featured Jarosław Datta on this [enchantment] post sometime ago. Since then I planned to write a full post about his art. 

Unfortunately, there is not much information online about him, and he’s not very active on social networks.

It’s really a pity because his photographs are simply  stunning and I suspect not so many people know him and his art.
On his female portraits he’s able to put obscure and dark tones and, at the same time, a sort of ethereal mood created with the help of veils, white dresses, delicate layers of fog and flowing log hair. Moreover, the contrast between light and shadow (with a propensity for the second one) is used in a superb way, contributing to create a magical atmosphere on every shot.

Jarosław’s world is surreal, mysterious, obscure and enigmatic; I imagine the sories behind his pictures as a sort of dark faery tales and I really hope to see more of his works and news about him on the net in the future.

As usual check some examples of his art below and the visit his official site to see more.


jd6Jaroslaw Datta


Jaroslaw Datta


Jaroslaw Datta


Jaroslaw Datta


Jaroslaw Datta


Official site 

Image © Jaroslaw Datta

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