February Mix on 8tracks

Hi dear readers.

New monthly appointment on Reflectedfaith Blog. Every month I will publish a mix of 8 songs to delight you during the reading of this blog. The mixes will be released on 8tracks.com a platform that I really enjoy. Yes, because it brings me back to that times when some friend used to give you a tape without titles and the only way to know the content was to listen to it. No skip, just a boring “forward”. On 8tracks you can listen to all the compilations you want but the titles of the songs will appear only when you’re listening to them and you can skip only 3 times. Unfortunately there are no hisses and crackles and you can’t rewind the mix with a pencil but honestly, sometimes, that was very boring!

It is useless to say that all the songs on my mixes will be someway dark and obscure.

Enjoy the February Mix!

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