Monochrome unique beauty on BLACKHAUS


“We are a curated, monochrome, lifestyle design & art gallery. We are purveyors of limited editions objects. We believe art & craft can thrive in a digital world”

This is how the founders of BLACKHAUS present themselves and I must say it’s a perfect description for the project.
From the stunning design of the site, to the peculiar names of the navigation menu and obviously to the extremely curated items presented on the shop, you can understand how much attention and commitment these guys put on the realisation of this work.

On BLACKHAUS you’ll find only monochrome objects ranging from art pieces to various accessories, all available in limited editions.
Look at the stunning print on flexible acetate by Peter Crnokrak mapping all known cover versions of “Love will tear us apart” by Joy Division in a lovely infographic design style. Or check “Balck Gloss Vanitas”, a ceramic black skull handmade in France by Barbara Smith. And what about the accessories born from the collaboration with Claustrum Tokyo? They are astonishing in their dark minimalism!

Don’t expect to find cheap stuff (both in price and essence) on BLACKHAUSE, you can only expect unique monochrome beauty. 














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