New prices on prints by Angelo Roccagli

 If you’ll visit Reflectedfaith Shop today, you’ll notice that the prices of the prints by Angelo Roccagli increased.

It was not an easy decision, but after an in depht discussion with the artist, we both concluded that the previus price was ridicusly low. The earnings of each print sale were barely covering the production and handling costs, that price was not giving value to my work and, most of all, to the artist’s work. 

Angelo puts a lot of efforts in creating each of his artworks, spending hours and hours curating every small detail. During the last few years he developed greatly his digital manipulation skills and he found his personal style, both technically and conceptually: If you see any of his works you recognise it and you understand, unquestionably, that you are looking at a gorgeous piece of art.

High quality print and papers add further value to Angelo’s images; a local printer (son of a the great Italian photographer Elio Ciol and artists himself) takes care of the fine art printing process, using the latest technologies in the field and the finest art papers in the market. 

If you buy a print by Angelo Roccagli, and treat it carefully, it will last a lifetime. 

Please check some examples of Angelo’s works below or head to RF Shop to buy a print.

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