Nicola Samorì: transfiguring the masters

The works of Nicola Samorì engage with the masterworks of Italian Renaissance and Baroque in a  singular way. With the intention to keep alive or bring new attention to old master painters, Nicola, copies their works with the main purpose to transfigure and torture them, sometimes with just one gesture. Nicola’s paintings are often made of several paint layers, applied day after day for a week or more. On top of all these layers finally, the subject on which Nicola performs his act of violence as throwing diluent on selected parts, peeling paint  with a palette-knife, with his bare hands or nails. He tears off the skin of the painting to reveal its internal body parts, the core of the piece. With his controversial way of working, Nicola confront himself not only with old great masters but with “painting” itself.

His body of work is really dark, somber and often disturbing and for him it is not a strange thing: “The Church filled not only Houses of worship but our unconscious too with violent forms, with blood and terror. Therefore, we should not be surprised if in West cultures we still work following this path …” he declared.

These dark traits made him famous in other nations before Italy (his own country), where maybe it looks too impudent to call our great masters in question.

Check some works by Nicola Samorì here and don’t forget to visit his official site.

Irene scopre l'informale - Nicola Samorì

La storia - Nicola Samorì

La vertigine - Nicola Samorì

Picdit - Nicola Samorì

Rapture - Nicola Samorì

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