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 Recently I thought that, while taking care of the blog and the shop, I have litterally no time left to work on my own art.

That’s ok, at the moment I am focused on promoting Reflectedfaith and trying to keep it interesting and hopefully keeping the shop open. It’s not easy, it’s a lot of work but I am not complaining, I was aware that I was about to start a hard project but I had to. For personal reasons.

I said to myself: “That’s ok, you’ll work on your art when there will be better conditions, when you’ll have more free time and so on.”
Then a couple of things resonated in my head.
The first one was one of those quotes you find on the internet, usually paired with beautiful images … but, at leader,  it’s from a writer (even if I admit I still have to read something by her): Doris Lessing.

“Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible”

The second one is the work of Ade Santora who creates stunning photomanipulations with just an iPhone 4s and a handful of apps. I did already stumble upon his work in the past but it’s only recently, when I wrote this article, that I though carefully at what one can do with limited resources and time.

So I thought a little and I found out that maybe, there are some ways to do some art even in my full day. Yes, because my “having a full day” means that I am away from home all day and I can access my laptop only at night, it does not mean that I have no free time at all during the day. And it happens that during the day I have an iphone with me. So here we go, I decided to create a series of works trying to keep my style as much as possible but with the limit of working only with an iPhone. Some of you will turn up the nose, but believe me, it’s better do something small that doing nothing at all. 

So please check these few images  I made, a couple are a collaboration with the photographer Debby Thijs, some others are works based on stock photos.

I really hope you’ll like it and appreciate the overall idea of this project, as usual feel free to send your feedback and to share this post!






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