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Bahrull Marta paintings and prints Shop


If you appreciate really dark art, and you’re a metalhead, you should absolutely check the shop of Bahrull Marta, an Indonesian artist that produced artworks for several metal bands, took part to various international group exhibitions and has been featured in books and magazines dedicated to metal artworks.

On his shop you can find some small original paintings and prints at fair prices.

Bahrull Marta, painting, dark, art, metal, metal artworksBahrull Marta, painting, dark, art, metal, metal artworksBahrull Marta, painting, dark, art, metal, metal artworksBahrull Marta, painting, dark, art, metal, metal artworksBahrull Marta, painting, dark, art, metal, metal artworks

Images © Bahrull Marta

[enchantment] Jaime Ruíz

Jaime Ruíz, painting, dark, art, obscure, metal, creepy, horror


Image © Jaime Ruíz

[enchantment] Marissa Nadler – Solitude (cover)

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[enchantment] Abominationimagery

Abominationimagery, digital, dark, obscure, metal


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Image © Abominationimagery

New work by Angelo Roccagli

Reflectedfaith’s featured artist Angelo Roccagli has a new work up on his Facebook page. The title of the new piece is “The Philosopher” and, as usual, this digital work is stunning and all my metallheads readers will love it!

Give a look here and don’t forget to like “Black Reflection Media page”!

You can find Angelo’s works together with other amazing obscure art pieces and accessories on Reflectedfaith Shop.


Angelo Roccagli, Black Reflection Media, photomanipulation, dark, metal


Image © Angelo Roccagli

[enchantment] After the fall by Chelsea Wolfe



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[enchantment] Seth Siro Anton

Seth Siro Anton


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Image © Seth Siro Anton

[enchantment] Olia Pishchanska

Olia Pishchanska



Carbonmade page

Image © Olia Pishchanska

Special RF Shop feature – Angelo Roccagli


With his photomanipulations Angelo Roccagli creates landscapes of worlds and souls in ruins. Falling cities and desperate human beings emerge with defined details and vivid colours among strong, grunge textures. His art is a cruel look upon an imaginary catastrophic future.


A couple of prints by Angelo are right now available on Reflectedfaith Shop, check them now and get yours!













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Images © Angelo Roccagli / Black Reflection Media

[enchantment] Paintagram / Samuel Araya

Paintgram - Samuel Araya


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Image © Samuel Araya