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New year, new projects!

Coming soon on the shop new products from two amazing artists: Corpus Vertebrae and Julia Wolkenhauer. Datails and previews soon. 

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Special Reflectedfaith Shop feature: Michalina Wozniak (Inna Forma Niepokoju)

Michalina Wozniak - Storm

Hello dear readers, time as come to present you another great artist joining Reflectedfaith Shop: please welcome Michalina Wozniak (aka Inna Forma Niepokoju), a young and talented Polish photographer.

Some months ago I noticed one of her pictures on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with her work: elegant, delicate and melancholic. Her pictures depict quiet and someway intimate moments of sadness and introversion, investigating the soul and scars of the subjects. Mainly in monochrome, her pictures are enough obscure without being the classic “dark”or “goth” pictures we are all tired of (aren’t we?).

I am very happy to feature a selection of Michalina’s works on Reflectedfaith Shop: six framed prints on silk paper that will be sent directly to our customers from the artist herself. Please get yours now, I’m sure you’ll love it!

For any info don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll be happy to help you and to give any information you need. If you would love to investigate more the world of Michalina Wozniak you can visit her Tumblr page or her Facebook page.

Click on the pictures to check them on the shop!



Michalina Wozniak - Storm


Michalina Wozniak - Shivers


Michalina Wozniak - Shelter


Michalina Wozniak - Post-Mortem


Michalina Wozniak - Lacrima


Michalina Wozniak - Anna

[enchantment] Michalina Wozniak

 Michalina Wozniak, Inna Forma Niepokoju, photography, dark, obscure, black and white, black & white

Image (c) Michalina Wozniak