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[enchantment] Untitled VII (2012) by Daria Endresen



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Image: © Daria Andresen

MORPH Knitwear – Emotional intricacies

MORPH knitwear

MORPH knitwear is an American fashion brand founded in late 2011 by Portland based designer Angela Thornton.
With her collections, Angela, tries to create hand knitted garments that mirror her emotional intricacies and could as well fit to audiences that feel a similar connection with magic and mystery hidden in our souls.
Inspired by music, landscapes, other independent designers and the feel of certain fibres, Angela experiments and works hard on the creation of every piece trying to reach the best match between utility and beauty, delicacy and destruction.
Angela tailors on demand every single piece from her collections and, making them by hand, she pays attention to every single detail so you’ll be sure to receive a perfect and stunning product.

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Enjoy some pictures from her F/W collection “Behemoth”.



MORPH Knitwear


MORPH Knitwear


MORPH Knitwear


MORPH Knitwear


MORPH Knitwear





All images: © MORPH Knitwear

[enchantment] Phantoms by Miss Christine Wu






Dreams you left behind

Image: © Miss Chrisitine Wu

[enchantment] Suzanne Sattler

Chicken scratch - Suzanne Sattler


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Image: © Suzanne Sattler