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[enchantment] Jake Raynor

Jake Raynor, photography, dark, obscure, conceptual photography


Image © Jake Raynor

[enchantment] Andre Sanchez

Andre Sanchez, photography, photo manipulation, art, digital art


Image © Andre Sanchez

[enchantment] Jason Blake

Jason Blake, photography, dark, obscure, photo manipulation


Image © Jason Blake

[enchantment] Emma Amar

Emma Amar, photography, dark, obscure, ethereal, black and white,


Image © Emma Amar

Masks by Marco Réa and Chris Milo on Vogue Italia

Marco Rea - Chris Milo, photography, art

The new project “Maks” by artist Marco Réa and fashion photographer Chris Milo was recently featured on Vogue Italia.

Marco Rea - Chris Milo, photography, art

Marco is one of my favorite artists and I really love the delicate and elegant touch he added to the beautiful pictures by Chris. Considering the medium (spray cans) usually involved in Marco’s process, I bet it was not easy to contribute to these artworks without outshining the work of the photographer, and the achieved result, confirms once more the amazing skills and taste by Marco Réa.

Marco Rea - Chris Milo, photography, art Marco Rea - Chris Milo, photography, art Marco Rea - Chris Milo, photography, art

You can see the series on Vogue Italia and you can integrate this post with an old one about Marco’s art here on RF

[enchantment] Boris Ovini

Boris Ovini, photography, dark, obscure, surreal, conceptual photography


Image © Boris Ovini

[enchantment] Lilli Waters

Lilli Waters, photography, dark, obscure, underwater, surreal


Image © Lilli Waters

[enchantment] Hedda Tråcklare

Edda Tråcklare, photography, dark, obscure, occult


Image © Edda Tråcklare

[enchantment] Anja Matko

Anja Matko, photography, dark, art, obscure, phot manipulation


Image © Anja Matko

[enchantment] Peter Allert

Peter Allert, photography, dark, obscure, black and white photography


Image © Peter Allert