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Hi dear friends, readers and fans, Reflectedfaith blog is just born but already has daily visitors and a small but growing group of followers. I’m really happy about this and I think it’s time to start talking about the second part of Reflectedfaith project.
This blog was not born as a single identity, it was originally conceived as a supporting journal for an online shop. Yes, you read it right, after spending the little free (night) time I had on the last 3/4 months working really hard, Reflectedfaith Shop is almost ready for the launch.

But wait, what is Reflectedfaith Shop, you may ask?

Well, it’s a small (hopefully big in the future) shop offering you some of the best dark, obscure and ethereal art around. I find and chose the works that inspire me and contact the artists to ask for a collaboration. On the shop you will find, fine art prints, postcard sets, tarot decks, small books and other treasures. Some are handmade, some aren’t but all of them will be presented with a human touch that make these products different from what you can find on all big art shops such as Society6 or Deviantart (and just to be clear: I have nothing against them!).
At the moment there is a small selection of Italian and European creatives but I really can’t wait to show you their amazing products ready to reach your houses for bringing an elegant dark touch to your lives.

This project is really important for me, for several reasons, and I really hope to find your support and help. I hope you will appreciate my efforts in making something art-related in a country where no one seems to care about art, my efforts in trying to talk and make available art that is not conventional, to give you the possibility help artists to keep making what they really love: art!
So please, keep in touch and follow the updates here on the blog, on Twitter and Facebook. Lauch date to be announced soon.

Yours, Federico

P.S. Feel free to click on the new menu link: Reflectedfaith Shop



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